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We have the experience and proven track record of producing modular buildings, fully engineered, architecturally and interior designed, expertly fitted out and professionally installed. Rely on SPM to curate the perfect space for you or your business.

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Welcome to SPM Group

SPM offer a complete design, manufacture, and installation of pre-fabricated, relocatable modular suites.

We deliver the perfect modular building to create the optimum visual impact with stylish yet practical interiors.

Our Modules are strong, constructed of welded steel, fully engineered, energy efficient compliant and designed to suit the elements.

Whatever your need we are committed to our valued Client’s requirements.

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QLD – QBCC: 77786 | VIC – CB-L45357

50 years industry experience

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Having around 50 years industry experience servicing throughout the whole of the eastern seaboard of the Australia. SPM Group has developed the ultimate process for bringing your vision to life, whether you would like a marketing suite, get away home, office, theatre room or pool house, whatever it may be, all it takes is a simple phone call to the team here and we can get to work on bringing your vision to life. Get started, enjoy and take advantage of the ultimate space modular buildings have to offer with SPM.

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Our Pocess

Embarking on the creation of a modular building is an exciting and intricate process. From the moment you envision your project to the day it’s delivered, each step is crucial to achieving a result that aligns with your expectations and requirements. We’ve developed the perfect 6 step guide to align our expertise with your vision to create the ultimate modular building

Initiating your project

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The first step in bringing your modular building project to life is reaching out to our team. During this initial contact, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your vision, requirements, and any specific needs for your modular building. Whether you prefer to connect with us through our website, via email, or by phone, our dedicated team is ready to listen and provide you with the information you need to get started.

Understanding Your Needs


Following your initial contact, we enter the discovery phase. This crucial step involves detailed discussions about your project’s scope, timeline, budget, and any specific requirements or challenges. Our team will ask questions to fully understand your vision and needs. This is also the perfect time for you to ask any questions you may have about the modular building process, our methods, or anything else you’re curious about. The discovery phase ensures that we’re perfectly aligned before moving forward.

Putting Pen To Paper


With a clear understanding of your project requirements, our next step is drafting. Our skilled architects and designers will begin crafting the initial designs for your modular building. This phase is all about translating your vision into a concrete plan, focusing on functionality, aesthetics, and compliance with all relevant regulations. We’ll work closely with you during this stage, seeking your feedback and making necessary adjustments to ensure the design meets your expectations and needs.

Alira building recent projects

Bringing Your Vision to Life

3D Imaging/Visualisation

Once the draft designs are approved, we proceed to the 3D imaging and visualization stage. This exciting step brings your project to life before construction even begins. Using the latest in 3D modeling technology, we’ll create detailed visualizations of your modular building, allowing you to see and explore your project in a virtual environment. This not only helps in making any desired changes before construction starts but also gives you a clear and tangible sense of what the final result will look like.

Alira building recent projects
Forest Reach Building Recent Projects

Turning Plans into Reality

Work Begins

With the designs finalized and approved, the construction of your modular building begins. During this phase, our experienced team works diligently to construct your building in our controlled factory environment, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and adherence to all specifications. Regular updates will keep you informed and engaged throughout the construction process, as your vision starts to take physical form.

Your Modular Building, Realized


The final step of the process is the delivery of your modular building. Once construction is complete, we’ll transport the modules to your site and assemble them with precision and care. Our team ensures a smooth installation process, paying attention to every detail to guarantee that your building is delivered to your satisfaction. Upon completion, we’ll conduct a final walk-through with you to ensure everything is perfect. Your modular building is now ready for use, exactly as you envisioned.

Industry Leaders in Modular/Relocatable Building Systems – SPM have established Valued relationships within the Development Industry, Commercial & Private sectors, encompassing 25 years of Hire & Sales experience second to none
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Our designers can produce highly accurate 3D rendered models of your building

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We have the experience and proven track record of producing modular buildings, fully engineered, architecturally and interior designed, expertly fitted out and professionally installed.

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